Organic Panels with 40% Recycled Content - Organic Varia TM LED light with organic panels Illuminated Organic Panel

Organic Panels

Organic Varia™ is a material by 3form where natural fibres are encased in Ecoresin® with 40% recycled content.

We particularly like the way our LED light source illuminates and brings to life the organic panels and they have proved a great addition to Feature lighting lobby walls, bars and reception desks.

There is design flexibility in our organic panels and we do customise to your requirements as our photographs show.

  • 1W LED stainless steel panel illuminates the organic panel
  • The panels are easy to clean and have 40 times the impact strength of glass
  • Euroclass B, S1 fire performance
  • non-toxic, sustainable material

prices from £180 for a set of 4

For your exact requirements please call +44(0)845 652 0371
or email: