About us

Toks Adeniji

A group of three of us started work on the design of light fittings that eventually became known as the Zinc Collection. Our design aim then was simple - to create families of architectural surface, recessed and suspended light fittings at accessible price points that Specifiers could use all the time. It took us a couple of years of design work to achieve our aim before our first order from the Zinc Collection was delivered in 2006.

Many office, heathcare, education and bar projects later, we are still designing and producing light fittings that meet the industry technical requirements and are visually interesting to add to the enjoyment of the space by all its users.

A light fitting does not only have to produce light. It does matter a great deal how it looks and in our light fittings, you have the combination of technical performance, aesthetics and realistic price.

Chief Executive, Toks Adeniji in our Bradford, UK 1,400 sqft Hall of Fame